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Kirkland Sleep Aid vs DELTA BrainLuxury Sleep Support Supplement

In this article, we compare a popular over-the-counter sleep aid with a well-regarded sleep support supplement. Read on to learn more about Kirkland Sleep Aid and BrainLuxury’s DELTA sleep support product.

Sleep has been hailed as the key to living a healthy life. Sleep supports your immune system, improves your mood, and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Plus, we all love to sleep! Everyone has had that moment when they wake up in the morning and want nothing more than to ignore the alarm and roll over again. Unfortunately, studies report that over a third of American adults don’t get enough sleep. Sleep deficiency can lead to heart disease, kidney disease, hypertension, and other serious health issues.

Many medications and supplements are now available to help individuals fall asleep, stay asleep, and improve the quality of their sleep overall. We’ll examine two phenomenal sleep aids: Kirkland Sleep Aid and DELTA BrainLuxury Sleep Support Supplement; then we’ll determine which one is the best to help you stay healthy and rested.

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Kirkland Sleep Aid vs DELTA BrainLuxury:


So, what makes sleep aids and supplements effective? They may serve to slow brain activity and either block or enhance certain chemicals in the brain, allowing you to fall asleep. Kirkland Sleep Aid’s active ingredient is doxylamine succinate. It blocks histamine, a compound that causes bodily arousal symptoms. Doxylamine succinate has a sedative effect, allowing users to fall asleep more easily. This compound is powerful and effective, making Kirkland Sleep Aid a reliable option.

DELTA BrainLuxury employs several active ingredients. It contains glycine, which is made naturally in your body and increases serotonin levels; serotonin is required to make melatonin, a well-known sleep hormone. Another important active ingredient is tryptophan, a natural sleep aid that also affects the production of serotonin to calm the mind and body.

This product contains numerous other ingredients (like vitamin D and magnesium) that work together to both decrease the time spent falling asleep and increase the amount of time spent in deep sleep. Additionally, DELTA BrainLuxury contains ingredients to prevent morning grogginess, like flaxseed oil, for example.

DELTA BrainLuxury is the clear winner over Kirkland Sleep Aid in terms of ingredient quality. Because it utilizes multiple active ingredients, DELTA gives us the best of both worlds: an amazing night of sleep and an energized start to the day. As an added bonus, DELTA even includes a few components that can increase the brain’s neuroplasticity and cognition, like zinc.

Organic Flaxseed oil.

Kirkland Sleep Aid vs DELTA BrainLuxury:

User friendliness

Sleep aid supplements have recently grown in popularity. In fact, around 8% of adults regularly use a prescription sleep aid, and around 11% of adults regularly use a “nonmedicinal” sleep aid (such as teas, anything over the counter, etc). Both Kirkland Sleep Aid and DELTA BrainLuxury can be purchased without a prescription, which is very convenient and often cheaper for most users.

However, in terms of overall accessibility, Kirkland Sleep Aid has the upper hand because of its widespread availability. It can be purchased at a Costco store, on Amazon, and even at Walmart. DELTA BrainLuxury is available on the BrainLuxury website.

For dietary friendliness, DELTA BrainLuxury takes the cake because of its inclusivity. Not only is it preservative-free without added sugar, but this sleep supplement is vegan and gluten-free. Individuals with all kinds of dietary requirements can enjoy DELTA’s benefits. Kirkland Sleep Aid is gluten-free but does not offer the same wholly inclusive formula as DELTA BrainLuxury. Another plus for DELTA BrainLuxury is that it comes as a drinkable supplement. For individuals who struggle to swallow pills, DELTA is the better option and may even be easier to digest.

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Kirkland Sleep Aid vs DELTA BrainLuxury:


Now we know the facts behind these products, but do they really work? It is important to note that both Kirkland Sleep Aid and DELTA BrainLuxury are produced according to FDA guidelines and that both are completely transparent regarding their ingredients, meaning no secrets and no scams. BrainLuxury offers additional third-party studies that show just how effective DELTA is. Plus, on the BrainLuxury website, consumers can read about the science behind this supplement and a little bit about the importance of deep sleep. Kirkland Sleep Aid uses doxylamine succinate, a long-trusted and well-known ingredient for helping individuals improve their sleep quality. Both of these excellent products are effective, safe, and have science to back them up.

Kirkland Sleep Aid vs DELTA BrainLuxury:

The verdict

Both Kirkland Sleep Aid and DELTA BrainLuxury are outstanding supplements that have demonstrated their effectiveness. These brands are reputable, safe, and enjoy status as two of the premier sleep aids on the market. However, DELTA BrainLuxury is the superior product for several reasons. This supplement does it all: it cuts down the time spent falling asleep, increases the time spent asleep, and does not cause grogginess or mental cloudiness in the morning.

DELTA is easy to use, supported by sound science, and is inclusive of many common dietary restrictions, making it extremely accessible and all-encompassing. If you have been having any trouble with your sleep or sleep cycle, it might be time to give DELTA BrainLuxury Sleep Support Supplement a try.

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