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Building Lean Muscle Mass Requires Elevating Your Pre-Workout Protein Game

Frog Fuel has been recognized by Athletic Insight News as the collagen protein supplement optimally formulated to build muscle mass, increase strength, and support an active lifestyle. Originally developed by Navy SEALs to improve medical healing and designed to be the most nutritionally complete collagen protein in the world, Frog Fuel is now joined by Frog Fuel Ultra Pre-Workout & Endurance Fuel.

Building Lean Muscle Mass Requires Elevating Your Pre-Workout Protein Game is an original (AthleticInsightNews) article.

Frog Fuel Protein is a complete collagen protein

Collagen is a protein and is the most abundant substance in the human body after water. It provides structure and support to blood vessels, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and even hair and nails. Collagen protein is essential for healing, repair, and recovery from workouts and the normal wear and tear of living actively, as well as for building lean muscle mass and promoting overall health.

While collagen protein is produced naturally in our bodies, as early as age 25, the production of collagen begins to slow down, leading to less availability for recovery and repair. This is when extra collagen protein from external sources becomes beneficial.

Inadequate nutritional support may lead to an increased susceptibility to injury during physical activity. Frog Fuel, a nutritionally complete collagen protein supplement, can help prevent injury while physically active.


Why protein is important for building muscle mass

To build strength and lean muscle, your body needs to synthesize more muscle protein than it breaks down. “Protein intake was shown to promote additional gains in lean body mass beyond those observed with resistance exercise alone,” the journal Nutrients reports.

Amino acids are the building blocks of collagen proteins. As it occurs in nature, collagen contains only 18 amino acids, making it an incomplete protein. The collagen in Frog Fuel products is formulated to have all 22 essential and non-essential amino acids; this makes it a complete protein, capable of building lean muscle mass twice as fast and more effectively than supplements based on whey and plant collagen.

Protein can be obtained from eggs.

The need for pre-workout protein

“While post-workout nutrition and recovery are crucial, what takes place before exercise is just as important,” advises Wendy Bazilian, Doctor of Public Health, nutritionist, and author of the Eat Clean, Stay Lean series. The best pre-workout protein supplement can provide a variety of benefits, including maximizing performance, strength, and stamina, as well as building lean muscle tissue. “Such a supplement is also intended to benefit muscle gain and recovery to help you continue training at your best.”

“Research finds pre-workout supplement use can result in improvements in exercise performance and skeletal muscle adaptations, in addition to other benefits,” including increasing lean muscle tissues (Forbes Health).

Man having protein shake.

The effect of pre-workout supplementation

A study was conducted to determine the effects of a pre-workout dietary protein supplement on various measures of performance, including anaerobic power, upper and lower body power, and upper body strength in “recreationally trained males”:

“Significant differences in anaerobic peak power and overall power, and increases in lean muscle mass were observed following ingestion of the supplement in comparison to the placebo” (Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition).

Protein supplement.

Hypertrophy builds lean muscle mass

Strength training to increase lean muscle usually includes working against resistance, such as weightlifting, pulling and pushing with weight machines, stretching rubber resistance bands, and performing bodyweight calisthenics like push-ups, squats, planks, and crunches.

Placing this strain on muscles causes damage to the tissues, which the body repairs. Repeatedly challenging muscles in this way causes them to adapt by increasing in size and strength. This process is called hypertrophy; it’s the body’s way of repairing and rebuilding muscle tissue that has been damaged by exercise stress.

“Muscular hypertrophy refers to an increase in muscle mass. This usually manifests as an increase in muscle size and strength. Typically, muscle hypertrophy occurs as a result of strength training such as weightlifting” (Medical News Today).

A collagen protein supplement created for medical healing

With the objective of developing the most bioactive collagen protein supplement in the world, two former Navy SEALs created OP2 Labs for research and product development. Their military experience and recovery from injuries made them aware of the need for a medical-grade collagen protein for superior post-surgical healing. Research led to the formulation of ProT Gold, which today is trusted by over 4,000 medical facilities where fast-acting complete protein collagen ensures more rapid wound healing:

ProT Gold heals post-surgical wounds twice as fast as other collagen protein supplements and is used in fourteen other medical procedures in addition to wound healing.

Then, Alexander Kunz, CEO and co-founder of OP2 Labs turned the team’s attention to athletic performance and recognized that their biologically-complete ProT Gold collagen formulation could meet the need for a more nutritionally available protein supplement. This led to the creation of Frog Fuel, followed by Frog Fuel Ultra.

Lady having strong muscles.

Frog Fuel Ultra Pre-Workout & Endurance Fuel

OP2 Labs found that many of their customers wanted a high-powered pre-workout version of Frog Fuel; Frog Fuel Ultra was created for them. Its formulation optimizes the potential to build lean muscle mass, improve workout performance, and help retain the endurance to push harder and longer:

  • 8 g Nano Hydrolyzed Collagen® protein for rapid absorption and digestion.
  • 10 g carbohydrates for immediate and sustained energy.
  • 1500 mg beta-alanine for increased power output.
  • 1500 mg citrulline malate improves stamina and reduces pain and inflammation from high-intensity training.
  • Electrolytes for fluid balance.
  • No fat, gluten, or lactose, and no banned substances, GMOs, or artificial flavors.

Frog Fuel Ultra Energized is the same formula as Ultra Regular but with 80 mg of caffeine added.

Consume Frog Fuel just 15 minutes before working out

Other pre-workout protein supplements are to be consumed 60 minutes prior to exercise, which is the minimal time it can take for them to kick in. The amino acid and peptide structures of these protein supplements are too large to enter the stomach pores easily and be digested. In contrast, Frog Fuel and Frog Fuel Ultra’s Nano Hydrolyzed Collagen® protein ensures rapid, complete absorption in only 15 minutes:

To be optimally bioavailable, collagen protein needs to be nano-hydrolyzed—made smaller than the pores in your stomach. The collagen protein in Frog Fuel and Frog Fuel Ultra has been reduced to 2,500 daltons, half the size of a stomach pore. As a result, the body absorbs every Frog Fuel collagen nutrient within 15 minutes.

“Frog Fuel is for those competing in sports at a very high, elite level,” says CEO Alexander Kunz, founder of OP2 Labs, but it’s also “for everyone who wants to live an active lifestyle, from doing better at sports and around-the-home activities to working out more effectively.” Frog Fuel is also appealing to an older clientele who want to keep on going “and be able to pick up and carry up their grandkids—creating emotional as well as physical benefits.”

Superior convenience in carrying and consuming

Most protein supplements come in large, bulky containers and cartons. But Frog Fuel is completely portable and ready to drink with no mixing, anywhere and at any time. Just open a small one-ounce packet and drink. That’s it—no stopping to pour or add powder; no need to mix, shake, and then clean up. No special bottles to carry around. Frog Fuel is a pre-mixed liquid in a perfect dose, suitable for at home, in the car, at the gym, or while out hiking or walking.

Frog Fuel  Pre-workout Protein

Frog Fuel and Frog Fuel Ultra Pre-Workout are available online at OP2 Labs and on Amazon.


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